Project Progress #1

Welcome to another blog post. I’ll make sure to try and keep this one “Short” for the sake of your time!

My good friend from high school and I have decided to work on a project together. I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t announce the specifics, but for now I can give a quick overview.

We started this project recently and are almost done with the models for it. The models are simple for now, but I hope to add detail to them as time moves on. This project requires a few main assets along with some minor ones as well. For the most part we are trying to keep it as simple as possible so we don’t go overboard with the models and the rest of the project.

Below are a few examples of the models that have been made:

Pic 1: This is going to be the enemies AR (yes there is a difference between friendly and enemy ARs)


It’s an axe! This will be used in our project, for now we have no clue how to implement it.


A simple barrel for all of our aesthetic needs!


For now the project progress is going extremely well. We have been working on this project for close to 3 weeks so far and using my knowledge along with Mark’s, we can make this work in the end.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog! If you didn’t come from my small YouTube channel, please feel free to click here and check it out!

Have an awesome day everyone!




A Great Week

In this blog I will be over viewing the entire week in sections. This has by far been one of the best weeks of my life and I want to make an entry about it.


Nothing much really happened on Monday except for getting the chance to record during the school day. We had 10 periods in our school each 41 mins long. 8th-10th period I had free so I got the chance to go home and record during the day while no one was home. It Felt good.


The day moved quickly after taking a test and 2 finals in the same day. (Physics, Economics, English) I was sure I had failed the Physics test and the English as well mainly because I had no understanding of what was going on in the book in English and had no idea what Physics was all about. Once the day had ended I  went home and debated on posting a video. I had a video ready for the next day but none prepared for Tuesday. While debating on posting it I got a message from Frvmework (who is a YouTuber I look up to and follow with 10k+ Subscribers). Nothing really vague, in fact it was kind of straightforward and surprised the hell out of me. “I don’t usually tell you guys before the video is up” was what he said. After that I posted the video out of pure excitement. I felt the need to make my videos 10 times better than what they were already. I wanted to give everyone an entertaining first video to come to. With the excitement of the shoutout I found my self helping my mother with cleaning out old files in the backroom. When I checked my phone I had seen the video was posted and my phone was filled with notifications. Quickly I got to answering almost all of the comments but there were was just too many to answer. I tried my best to get back to everyone before I went to sleep that night

Wednesday :

After the excitement on Tuesday the week went on and kept getting better. Weds was the 2nd to last day of school and to my surprise a relatively busy one. Nonetheless we got out grades for the finals and tests back. I had passed Economics with a 90 and Physics with a 72 (Now that doesn’t sound like a good grade to most people but I had a consistent score of 50-60 on all the tests so I was ecstatic) It was the first time I actually felt confident in myself in a while. Me and my friend Sebastian (OrangeYoshiKid on YouTube) went out and bought some “celebration” snacks. The only downside to this day was that the line to get a yearbook was insane. I was pretty disappointed with the yearbook as a whole. It was bland and reeked of favoritism. I was only in it once in my actual yearbook picture. Not even my senior quote was in it, which I didn’t care about really I was just happy to be getting out of this school. I didn’t bother to store it away safely, I plan to burn it in 10 years when my mother can’t try and convince me to keep it. I want nothing to remember from this school.


Today was the last day of classes, I could not wait for it to be over and I only actually went to 2 classes out of the 6 I have. It had gotten to the point where all I was thinking about was leaving. However I had to wait for my girlfriend to go to her classes for review. I only signed exactly 11 yearbooks and that was all I wanted to sign. I only care about 10 people in my entire grade and had a mental list of people. I only signed the 11th one because he was a friend of my friend who I had been close with a few years prior. The day moved very slow and the only thing I had on my mind was getting home and answering comments on YouTube. This year was a joke and I cannot wait to graduate and never see many of these people ever again.I will never attend a high school reunion as long as I live because

  1. I hate my grade
  2. My grade all hates eachother

My grade couldn’t get a single person to agree to hold pre-prom at their house… It’s that bad but still does not affect me. I didn’t attend prom this year. I decided to go with my girlfriends grade because they can all agree on one thing, my grade is full of morons.


Tomorrow I have off of school to relax before the regents exams next week. Hopefully I can pass them, I have after all been studying like crazy for these tests. I will be recording again and trying to make it as entertaining as I possibly can.


The best part of this entire year was watching the YouTube channel grow and become bigger than I had imagined it to ever become. That was truly the highlight of my entire senior year. YouTube is something I love and I truly hope I can continue this in the future during college and maybe one day make it a full time job if I ever get the opportunity. Sounds crazy I know. Chances of that are low but a person could hope.

That’s all for today. I will try to get back to this next week but in the meantime I really need to study for the exams. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you all have a great day!

For those who don’t know about The Channel.


The Story So Far

Hi how are ya?! If you are reading this you either saw my video or found this blog by chance. Either way I welcome you to read this summary of the YouTube channel that I run up to present day. This summary will be split into sections based on the topic it presents. Enjoy!

There will be links to videos and pictures in this blog. If you would like to follow along intently I recommend clicking on the links and watching a few mins of the videos.

For those of you who don’t know about the YouTube Channel.

The Beginning

Starting off in early November 2015 I had decided to make a YouTube channel. This would be my third one after not staying dedicated to my old channels (SHuT1TD0wN64 and one I forgot the name of.) After deleting the content on one of the channels I started coming up with a new name. Before the channel was created I had met a friend (SOS Shock) and an entire group who I had played with prior to making the channel. I introduced myself as Jai (Jay) based off of the nickname my cousin had given me two summers ago of “J Rai” (Rai is the first three letters of my last name pronounced “Ray”) It took around three weeks for me to finally say “JaitheRai” (Jay the Ray) would be the official name of the channel. Once the channel had been created I made a logo and a new channel banner of my own taste. The channel was officially ready for its first video, One of many I would post in the future.

Very First Channel Logo
Original Channel Banner

The Setup

My desk used to be setup on the far side of my room next to my parents wall and as many of you could probably tell it was NOT the ideal place to have my desk. To try and combat the noise from escaping my room I flipped my mattress up on it’s side and used it as a sound barrier between my door and me. The other problem came when my older sister yelled at me from upstairs for being too loud. Finally I gave up and decided it was time to move the desk to the other wall and invest in some sound proof foam. The following day I woke up and immediately got to work on switching the desk to the other side of the room and about a month later I ordered 24 2 foot by 2 foot by 1 foot sound proof foam squares to help reduce echo and lower sound output from my room.

The computer I had at the time was a mid tower Micro ATX build with an I5 Intel quad core, EVGA GTX 760 4GB ATX FTW Graphics Card, 24 GB RAM (most given to me by my brother), Corsair 750 Watt power Supply, 2TB of space, 24 inch monitor, Turtle beach headset (most uncomfortable headset,) a cheap condenser microphone, Scarlet 2i2 Interface, Logitech Webcam and a standard keyboard and mouse. I had saved up for the entire setup the summer going into my Freshman year of high school thinking I was going to make music. $2576 in its entirety. I used Bandicam to record and a program called Cyberlink Power Director 12 to edit my videos because at the time it was all I could use.

Where the desk used to be.

Sound Proofing on the walls.

A Bit of Background

Around 3 years before I thought about YouTube again I was invited to play bass in a band the start of my freshman year. I learned bass in about 2 months using a program called “RockSmith” Fortunately the band broke up in the middle of Sophomore year after making no original songs or recording any covers at all thus being an utter waste of time. However, this left me with a huge passion for music. I continued playing my bass and bought an Acoustic bass, 5 string bass and 6 string guitar by the end of Sophomore year and made a few songs that I lost in a hard drive crash just a few months ago. With all of that going on I also met my girlfriend, Melanie, who has been super supportive of the entire YouTube and music scene so far.

The Road to 100

Starting out I had no sense of hope in the channel. My first video was with SoS Shock, we decided to do a Minecraft series to help me off my feet and get a taste of what YouTube would really be like. My first ever video was posted on November 9th and was titled “Why Did We Start This at Night!?” The quality at the time was nothing to be proud of. The commentary was Mundane, the video quality was fuzzy, the facecam was too big for the screen and the cuts were badly placed. The bond between me and SoS didn’t last very long as he wanted to do all Minecraft and I wanted to do different games and not just Minecraft and after talking over it we went our separate ways. It took me a while to learn from the mistakes I had made doing the Minecraft series. Shortly after I had started my Fallout 4 series I played around with cut commentary and made “Modern Warfare 2 Bots Funny Moments 1” which was a success for the channel but I never made another one.

The first month was slow which I expected, a gain of 16 subscribers. I played around with videos doing more funny moments and continuing with various series and a monthly recap to keep things refreshed so I could see where I started in the future. Just before the end of the second month I made a video titled “Warning Bad Jumpscare” which blew up just a few hours after I had posted it. At the time 300 views was a lot for the channel and the video stayed as the most popular video for months after it was posted but the best part came the day after. A YouTube channel by the name of “Jebus Gaming” (Who no longer exists) surprised me with a shoutout, it was so unexpected that when I found out I was shaking and smiling like a mad man and even put the video in my December Recap. By the end of January the channel had reached 37 subscribers but I had no idea what was about to happen to the channel in the coming weeks.

Just after the month had ended I started seeing some amazing growth on the channel gaining about 20 subscribers in 2 weeks. This brought the channel from the 30 subscriber goal to the 50 subscriber goal then from 50 subs to 70 subs just a week and a half later. Just after the 100th video I started a series called “Indie Gaming Week” where I would put all of my series to the side and randomly pick a game a day off of a website called “GameJolt.” I started to notice a change in me as a commentator and as a person. I started realizing why I wanted to do YouTube, to help those who are going to through tough times and need a pick up or a happy moment to keep them going. It became more than just posting videos and became more of a for the community aspect which I later put in my channel banner.

Toward the middle of January I found this YouTuber whose name at the time was “BigTinyTimTim Tim.” At first I thought he was trying to be like JackSepticEye but later realized he too had good intentions on YouTube. We talked, a bit reluctant at first, but then got into talking about doing a collab:

Me “Garry’s mod?”

Austyn “hmm anything else?”

Me “GTAV?”

Austyn “Don’t have that yet”

Me “hmm… Killing Floor 2?”


Me “Awesome! I’ll try to set up a server”

Getting ready for the collaboration was the easy part, actually doing it became a hassle. We both experienced problems with our recording softwares and each had a bit of a hard time with lag. At the time he had close to 100 subscribers and I had close to 70 subscribers. When the collaboration had ended we became best friends and still to this day talk almost everyday.

The channel hit 100 subscribers on February 21, 2016. An amazing milestone for sure considering I never thought we would even reach the 30 sub mark when I first started. I finally felt a bit of hope after that day as the channel approached the 110 mark just a few days after.

First Video

MW 2 Bots

Warning Bad Jumpscare

Indie Gaming Week

BigTinyTimTim Collab

The caption on the banner became the channel motto.

February-March “Gap”

At the start of this “gap” I felt extremely confident in the channel as it was growing at such an amazing pace. That confidence would be short lived once news of my grandmother got around to me. My grandmother from my mothers side had been admitted into the hospital for a fractured hip and as if it couldn’t get any worse my grandmother from my fathers side had also been in the hospital for an eye infection after her lasik eye surgery. I felt defeated, beat to the ground and even missed a few days of posting because of it. After making an extremely depressing video my girlfriend talked some sense into me and I took it down. Later that week I released a video stating that “I will have to cut back on posting videos for now because of certain events in my life” The slow in the amount of subs gained also got to me.

If it weren’t for Austyn being there for me I would have deleted my YouTube account altogether and moved on with my life. The end of the depressing “gap” came when we did a Gmod Horror map together which really showed me that the subscribers do care about the channel and that if I had deleted the channel I would have let the people who watch the videos down along with my friends. At the end of March the channel was at 114 subs but the “gap” had closed and that was what was important to me. I needed to rebuild that confidence and get myself back.

“gap” Channel Update

BigTinyTimTim Collab 2


The Road to 200

If you had told me when I started this channel that in 6 months the channel would be at 200 subscribers I would have laughed and said that you’re crazy. Once the “gap” had closed it was time to move on with a new, happier chapter. I rebooted the Dead Space series which was well needed considering the original one was of terrible quality. I began anticipating new games coming out and started to see the more fun, wild side of me burst out while I recorded sometimes taking it too far.I created a new logo and a new channel banner and started getting better with my video thumbnails.

I’ll be honest, i’m not sure what it was that helped me reach the 200 mark but I know that I enjoyed every second of working with this channel and keeping the subscribers happy.

Dead Space Reboot

200 Sub Thank You

New banner 4 1.png
New channel Banner


Test Logo
titled “Test logo” because of my doofy face.


Present day

Every now and then I make a thank you Video blog to my subscribers and show them the love they truly deserve. Indie Gaming Week has become a vital part of the channel and something that will most likely stick with it until the day the channel is retired or until YouTube ends. I have seen tremendous changes in my video quality, commentary and attitude in a very positive way. I did a video blog every day when I went to Florida and not once did I complain about it even though I would stay up until 2 A.M. when I had to be up at 7 or 8 the next morning. I don’t mind going to sleep at 2A.M. or 3 A.M. on a school night because I am so dedicated to this channel and to my subs that I will do whatever it takes to keep them happy and to keep them coming back for more of what they love. My dumbness.

Florida Vblog


For those of you who have made it to the bottom thank you for taking the time to read this Blog. I can promise that the others will not be this long in the future.

If you are new please come check out the channel and tell me what you think!

The Channel!