Favorite Time of the Month

Welcome to the blog! Let’s just jump right into it! For those who don’t know about the channel¬†click the link to go explore some content!

For the most part my months are relatively bland, I run a gaming channel so most of what I do is kind of repetitive, it’s the same cycle again and again. DOOM, then Dead Space, DOOM, Dead Space, let’s throw in some funny moments, Gmod, Tubetycoon ect. There is one time of the month I look forward to the most. The very first week.

The first week of the month is what I like to call “Indie Gaming Week.” I started this series back in February and made it a monthly thing. Not too little and not too much. You may ask “Why is this so important?” Well to you maybe it isn’t but to me, well it keeps me somewhat sane. When you have to play the same 2 games over and over again it begins to get to you so this is a bit of a refresher to show that there are more than just the 2 games out there.

During Indie Gaming Week I put all of my series to the side and choose off a website called “Gamejolt” an indie game a day to play. This event is more for the developers so that I can give them some tips on what to do, what I thought about the game and overall shoot to help them out. At the same time it’s also for the people who love watching indie games on YouTube. It’s the one time of the month where I feel like I can let loose and go off topic from the game I’m playing.

I love indie games, most of the time they are much different than most games and give me an opportunity to play genuine games that others worked hard on. I wish I could play them all in a week but unfortunately that isn’t possible.

Thank you for reading this blog. It was shorter than the rest of mine I know, but I wanted to keep this one short for reasons.

Once again if you don’t know about the channel click the link. Some of you may enjoy Indie Gaming Week!


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Jai Raimondi

I'm an ambitious 19 year old who enjoys music, writing, and entertaining. I run multiple different social media channels including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram.

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