Just Another Day…

Welcome back to another blog. I guess this is just a formal thing now considering I have done it twice and will continue welcoming you back. Here is the channel link for those who are new to the blog.

Today I woke up dreading the fact that it’s a Tuesday, I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I also dreaded that I had to go to school. I don’t mind school but I do mind the people in my school. I live in a predominately rich town where most people are snobby and disregard the others who aren’t as wealthy. They complain about their BMW I8 sports coupe and expect people to be impressed or feel bad for them. Donate it to me then, would love to drive that around.

Anyway today is the last concert of the year for my school and I am so happy that Jazz is finally over. The Jazz program in our school is the biggest joke because it didn’t matter how good you played your instrument, instead, it was picked by favorites. The advanced band program called “Wind Ensemble” was also organized by favorites. I sat last Trumpet chair all 4 years of high school while the girl and a few others in front of me never really even played, they just sat there on their phones and missed most entrances for the songs.

This year coming to an end is becoming something of a sweet event rather than a bitter-sweet event. College will be different experience all together for me. New place, new people, new school. I really can’t say for sure if i’ll enjoy it, but I know that it’ll be at a better location away from most of the bullshit that’s gone on.

I’ll be majoring in Aeronautical Engineering which is in fact a very math and science oriented major. Math has always been tough for me ever since 7th grade, and I can’t say that I have passed with over an 80 in the class since then. Chemistry and Physics are the only two sciences that I found to be hard and with Aeronautical engineering Physics is one of the most important subjects (help me now.) My worry is that if high school physics is tough for me then I have no clue how I will pass a college course.

I have this constant cloud of demotivation when it comes to school. It’s gotten me used to failure and showed me how one little thing could change my entire day.

I don’t want to make this a depressing blog though. School could be great but the only thing I have against it is that they don’t teach you what you need to know for going into certain majors. For example if someone wants to be a Vet they don’t have a class dedicated to just that specific topic, at least not in my school. I wanted to learn German, they don’t have that in my school. There have been so many missed opportunities for me and the school system has taken away quite a lot.

If I was honest with my family I would have told them “I’m not fit for college” which is probably true. I was forced into doing my major, which i’m still not happy about, but i’ll have to struggle through as best as I can.

When I told my parents about my original plan, which was entertainment, they almost immediately said “no.” My second major would have been astronomy “no.” It just sucks that I can’t do what I want to do which is why I started on YouTube. It’s what drives me to make good content and to keep my fans happy. More than just that I want to prove to my parents that I can be an entertainer rather than just a gamer. They believe that YouTube is for the people who don’t go to college and for drop outs to make a living off of. Not the truth but there is no changing their mind about that. YouTube is the way of expressing yourself on the internet through videos whether it be gaming, skits, music, etc. It’s all about you.

That’s the blog for today everyone. Once again if you don’t know about the YouTube Channel the link is here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Hope you have a great day!


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Jai Raimondi

I'm an ambitious 20 year old who enjoys music, writing, entertaining and traveling. I run multiple different social media channels including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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